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Other Pujas

Other Pujas

February arrives and Ma Saraswati gets on her swan
It's time to fly to Glasgow – the new
year of BSP festivals has begun!
Time to bless the little Scottish
Indian cuties and their books
Time for the basanti coloured ones to show off their good looks!
And of course we must together eat
Because it's Bengali food which no one can beat!

Ma Lakshmi looks on, jealous of her sister's holiday
She wants to go to Glasgow too, she can almost hear us pray.
But her chance will come after Ma Durga goes away
Because Ma Lakshmi will then get to stay!
Oh what fun – more food, flowers and dressing up
But Kali Puja is yet to come, so this is just a warm up!

And then Ma Kali lands in Glasgow in all her splendour
More praying, adda, feasts and grandeur While Glasgow lights up in the warmth of Diwali
BSP also celebrates with their beloved Ma Kali.

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